Loss of a Pet

By June 12, 2014 February 20th, 2015 pet loss

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It is always difficult for a veterinarian to assist with their client’s decision to say goodbye to their beloved pet. Emotions run high at this time due to all the memories of the unconditional love their pet provided them throughout the years.

It is their loving decision to let their sick or old pet pass on to “heaven”, free from disease, old age and pain. For the humans left behind, they mourn their loss, crave for one last embrace, lick or purr. Is it time that heals their pain or the loving memories they hold in their hearts forever?

I wish I know, as I grieve the loss of another pet, Haley. Again, I find myself on the other side of the exam table, it is me receiving the condolences from clients, staff and friends.

Those who have lost a beloved pet, I share with you the pain and heartache. Hopefully, time will take away the pain and the memories fill our hearts.

Dr. Gloria Williams


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