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Techs August 2014  Now a days we are all forced to accept sub-par service from most businesses. It is a rare delight to actually be greeted with a smile and receive a sincere THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

Anyone over 50 yrs. of age will remember the times when you were greeted by your name at your local pharmacy, bank, grocery store, or hardware store. You were instantly asked if you needed assistance and it was provided with a smile. Now with all the “super stores”, ” big box corporate stores” , the customer is now just a number. Personalized service in corporate America has been replaced with only providing CHEAP CHEAP PRICES.  As a customer you are subjected to employees who may be having a bad day and takes it out on you. Gone are the days of “How may I help you Mrs.____” ” Thank you” said with meaning.

At Pet Authority Animal Hospital we strive to bring back excellent customer care and service.  We hire team members who genuinely care for our patients as well as our clients. We treat our clients as if they were family and not just another number. Our philosophy of quality care and service extends to our products and medications we carry.  If there are any failures of efficiency or performance with them, the manufacturers whom we deal with will come to our aide to make it right. (This guarantee is only extended to veterinary hospitals and their patients, not for products purchased from on-line pharmacies or or pet stores. )

If at any time, you feel like we have failed to provide friendly & caring service, we would appreciate knowing about it. Learning from our mistakes, will only help us to grow better in customer care and service.

From the other side of the exam table,

Gloria Williams DVM

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