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Do you ever wonder what is actually in your pet’s food? Contrary to popular belief, it is not always the “first four” ingredients listed that make up the portion of the product. The number of main ingredients actually depends on the specific formulation of a food and degree of variety included. What you need to look for is the first source of fat or oil that appears in the ingredient list. This can be either an animal or vegetable source, anything listed before that first source of fat, including the fat are the main ingredients of the food. These ingredients must contain at least 4 % of the diet.

Evaluating the quality of the ingredients is tough. As a consumer you have no way of knowing how much of an ingredient is really in a food or whether it is a good or poor quality ingredient. The AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Official which regulates the feed industry) does not permit statements in regards to quality of ingredient labels. Consumers need to do their homework to determine what is in their pet’s food regarding the quality and quantity of ingredients.

Due to ambiguous names of many ingredients, it is difficult to determine exactly what the manufacturer is putting into the food.  Pet owners need to understand that supplements like glucosamine and probiotics used in the food generally do not include the quantity needed for therapeutic effect for particular health conditions. Certain food ingredients may also contain small amounts of minerals, dyes, mold/fungus, bacteria & heavy metals that are harmful to pets.

Not until now has there been a food manufacturer that list their guaranteed analysis, caloric contents, contaminants and is totally transparent of what is in each bag or can of their pet food. Introducing TRANSPARENT NUTRITION DIETS.

Transparent Nutrition Diets are all natural, no artificial flavors or preservatives, no corn, wheat or soy added. Made in the USA. All diets are antibiotic free. The meat used is from humanly raised chickens and is certified by the Global Animal Partnership ( The cod used in the Wild Caught diets are certified by the Marine Stewardship council ( As of January 2016, the requirement to be able to use the word organic on a label, the manufacturer must only use all organic ingredients including  the protein. (Prior to January 2016 manufacturers could claim organic when using only one organic ingredient in their product).

So now you can find out what is in your pet’s food; go to, enter your bag’s lot number, click “check my bag” and see for yourself the results of the quality and safety tests done on your bag of pet food. You will be please to know that every bag/case of food doesn’t leave their facility with out passing all these quality tests plus more!

To make purchasing quality food easier for your pet, Pet Authority Animal Hospital staff will enroll you in auto-ship, free shipping right to your home!

Pet Authority Animal Hospital is proud to be a distributor of TRANSPARENT NUTRITIONAL DIETS.

To learn even more about Transparent Nutrition Diets, to to our website and click on the video listed in our Pet Health page – Pet Health: Best Pet Food :

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