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  • Dr. Hutchinson.

    Dr. Tyler Hutchinson

    A 2002 Graduate of Michigan State University College of Veterinary medicine. …
  • Dr. Valerie Ciesicki

    Dr. Ciesicki is a graduate of Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine. Her time away…

    Practice Manager

  • Dana

    Dana joined the Pet Authority Animal Hospital team in 2000. When she is not ruling the…

    Licensed Technicians

  • Technicians

    Meet our caring and compassionate tech team


  • Reception

    Introducing our kind, caring and responsible receptionist team


  • Boarding

    Meet our compassionate Boarding Staff near you!!

    Clinic Cats

  • Sabrina and Kit Kat

    Sabrina (tabby cat) - nicknamed " the terrorist." She was adopted by Dr.…