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  • Ticks are Disgusting – Why not prevent?

    May 02 2017

    petauthorityah | Dogs, Parasites, pet health

    Every year the staff at Pet Authority Animal Hospital in Waterford recommends Tick prevention to all pets. Every year clients hesitate to use prevention since they don’t believe their yards…

  • Feline Pancreatitis – the hidden disease

    Feb 16 2017

    petauthorityah | Cat Health, cats, General Health, pet health

    As cats age metabolic changes occur. The top 6 problems cats endure as they age is renal failure, irritated bowel disease, pancreatitis, hyperthyroidism, diabetes and lymphoma.  Any one of these…

  • Best Food for Your Pet – Transparent Nutrition

    Aug 16 2016

    petauthorityah | Pet food, pet health

    Do you ever wonder what is actually in your pet’s food? Contrary to popular belief, it is not always the “first four” ingredients listed that make up the portion of…

  • Probiotics- Healthy Gut

    Jul 12 2016

    petauthorityah | pet health

    Pets like their owners may suffer from an unhealthy gut.  Their stomach and intestinal tract may become inflamed from chronic irritants, such as reaction to foods, medications and internal parasites.…

  • Lead toxicity vs. Pets

    Mar 03 2016

    petauthorityah | pet health

    As our state tries to deal with the human health issues caused by high levels of lead in the Flint and other communities drinking water, veterinarians must become conscience about…

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    How to Save Your Holiday Trees and Decorations from Pets

    Dec 12 2015

    petsauthorityblog | pet health

    As most cats that are allowed outdoors will attest, trees are for climbing. So, if you simply bring a tree indoors, well, that’s for climbing too! And if cats don’t…

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    Apr 06 2015

    petsauthorityblog | pet health

    Several times a day clients inquire about what to feed their pets. Should it be grain free, gluten free or a raw diet? It is becoming more difficult to discuss…

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    Pet Food Recall

    Feb 26 2015

    petauthorityah | pet health

    There have been several pet food and pet treat recalls over the past few years. The FDA regulations on pet foods are very general.  The guaranteed analysis label must display…

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    Diabetes Mellitus

    Feb 23 2015

    petauthorityah | Dogs, pet health, Uncategorized

    This past week two of my patients were diagnosed with this disease. In our educational pet health articles, the disease and treatment are discussed. Click here to read /articles/?rid=744 The…

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    Keeping Your Pets Safe During the Winter

    Jan 28 2015

    petauthorityah | cats, Dogs, General Health, pet health

    Your Border Collie Arthur and his friends absolutely love the outdoors, the more snow for them to play in the better.  While Arthur enjoys cold, brisk weather, he’s probably not…