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What is behind closed doors?

By August 13, 2014 February 9th, 2015 Hospital Tour, pet health

24HourEmergencyWorking at a veterinary hospital for so many years, we all assume clients know “what we are doing to their pet in the back”.

What is going on behind those closed treatment room doors? Those doors are where their pet disappeared for a blood drawl, toenail trim, ear cleaning or a surgical procedure. What is back there? What are they doing with my pet? What is taking so long?

With this Pet Authority Animal Hospital blog post, I would like to explain “what goes on behind those closed doors”. ( For more pictures and videos, please go visit our website http:/ and take a tour).

When a patient requires a nail trim it is much easier to remove them from the owner because most dogs go into “the protect owner mode” making it difficult to hold for a nail trim. Patients usually relax once removed from their owners making it easier for the technicians to hold and trim the nails.

Blood draws for surgery, drug monitoring, or heart worm testing is done by drawing from the jugular vein (neck vein). One technician holds the patient by cuddling it with their arm or between their legs while holding the head in an upward position. The other technician draws blood from the jugular vein. Blood draws from cats are done the same way (cuddle with arms only) or we may draw blood from inside their back legs. This procedure is done by laying the cat on its side as the technician restraints gently by holding the cats head and back legs.

Rubbing alcohol is used to moisten the area where the blood will be drawn. It makes the vein easier to visualize.

EKG’s are also performed in our treatment room. EKGs are performed prior to any surgeries. The patient is placed on its side, the lead clips are placed on all 4 legs just below the elbow and stifles (knees). One technician holds the patient as the EKG is ran.

Surgery and hospitalized patients are placed on IV fluids requiring a catheter. This is done by shaving a small patch of fur off the forearm and placing a catheter, much like they do in humans. IV fluids are given to the patients and monitored by an IV pump. Most patients tolerate this very well, and don’t ever mess with their catheters!

In surgery, our patients are placed on monitors. The patient’s oxygen levels, blood pressures, temperature, respiration, and heart rate are tracked and recorded. Licensed technicians are present at all times to record the patients condition while the surgery is being performed.

Attached are pictures showing each of these procedures. If you would ever like a tour of “behind closed doors” just ask, we would be proud to show you our hospital!

From “the other side of the exam table” – Dr. Williams

blood draw-

Blood draw

lab pt authority

Lab – Blood machines


pet authority nail trim

Toe nail trim

surgery monitors

Surgery anesthetic machine and monitoring equipment



lab #2

Centrifuge for fecal tests

nail trim #2

Nail Trim

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